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The nifty little pin-up wall and ceiling lamp consists of two parts: the base, which is fixed to the wall or ceiling, and a small “cover”, which houses the light source. That cover is movable and can be set up to an angle of 90 degrees. Thus, the brightness can be adjusted continuously. Depending on how the pin-up is applied, the light can radiate upwards or downwards, or be kept folded to a minimum. By design, a cone of light is generated depending on the setting, which can vary from a narrow crescent, a lush crescent to an open cone. The led light source is surrounded by a glass lens, which contributes to the beautiful lighting effects.

Other applications of Pin-Up


Technical Draw
Light Bulbs
1 x 9W | 850 lm
MacAdam 3-Step
CRI 92

Matte White 9016

Coppery Bronze

Matte Black 9005