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A playful flourish captures the spirit of the vapor floor lamp, a tall and curvaceous fixture actualized by famed designer Karim Rashid. The soft undulating lines carry out the warm diffused light, creating natural shadows through the pleated and rippling profile. Four stacked white acrylic diffusers make up the towering fixture, simulating a figurative form that is pleasing to the eye. The sheer magnitude and sturdiness of the material makes the vapor a fine companion to living spaces that demand comforting light and sharp design sensibilities. The size and quality materials used in the vapor collection makes this floor lamp a master piece of modern design. The light source can be regulated by an integral dimmer.

All applications of Vapor


Technical Draw
Light Bulbs
R7s QT-DE12 short
1 x max 80W


E26 Classic A
6 x max 60W


6 x max available

Matte White 9010

Matte White